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Pro Bono Planners needed in your area!

The FPA has been matching Pro Bono Planners for Military Veterans to deliver free “no strings attached” financial planning information and education.

Training: If you have not done Pro bono Boot Camp please see for training information. Please also submit the pro bono training enrollment form via email to
Here are resources for Military Families that may assist you in working with your veterans.

With the military pro bono outreach there is typically:
  • Initial communication with the organization to establish the relationships between the planner and the veteran
  • Planner and veteran meet to establish their goals
  • Contact with veteran as needed and indicated by their non-profit organization (phone, face to face, or electronically) with the veteran to discuss the goals: especially of savings to pay property taxes and home insurance as many of these programs will deed a house to the veteran.
  • The planner would notify the military nonprofit organization after contacts occur. Please note:  The responsibility of sharing the details and progress of your sessions are the responsibility of the veterans, not the planners for confidentiality.
Contact us if you have any additional questions.

Thank you,

Noreen Coughlin & Denise Topf
For Financial Planning Association Pro Bono
& The Foundation for Financial Planning

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Please contact Kate Donnelly for more information about FPA of Puget Sound’s Pro Bono activities.