Riding the Age Wave—Understanding the Current Care Continuum and Costs Associated with Elder Living in the Pacific NW | Nicey Hilton

Session: 9:10 AM

Session Description

With 10,000 US citizens turning 65 each day, we’re in the midst of a greying population, an “Age Wave.” Today, 14 percent (about one in seven) of Washington state residents are 65 and older. By 2030, with the addition of 700,000 more older adults, that proportion will increase to 20 percent, or one in five. This explosive volume of Americans qualifying for benefits will put extraordinary pressure on government spending for Social Security and Medicarefederal entitlement programs that are gradually running short of cash. In addition, out of pocket costs for healthcare and local costs of living are on the rise. To adequately prepare clients for the future, attendees need to first understand what’s happening locally right now.

Learning Objectives

  • Through scenarios, illustrate what aging looks like in the Pacific Northwest
  • Provide examples of typical continuums of care
  • Outline key stakeholders, organizations and resources utilized to help manage costs and improve quality of life
  • Identify risk factors that may contribute to increased out of pocket costs
  • Provide sample cost breakdowns: “aging in place” with home care, living in an elder community, and blending home care with elder community living

Speaker Bio

Nicey Hilton, Certified Coach, Home Care Assistance

Nicey Hilton’s current passion is to help to heal a broken health care system by championing innovative new care models and technologies. She drives business development for Home Care Assistance, where they’re tackling our region's high hospital readmission rates as well as Relocation Stress Syndrome in elder community residents. Her background includes: numerous successful sales training and coaching engagements; new technology testing and adoption (Telemedicine, Healthcare Tech, Wellness Gaming, SaaS); and a decade of sales and training experience at Eli Lilly & Company, including management of three key product launches and training/development of 134 sales reps across a 10-state region. Nicey is a University of Washington alum and 2016 graduate of Leadership Tomorrow's nine-month development program, which each year identifies 80 emerging regional leaders.