The View from Washington: What Financial Planners Should Expect in 2019 and Beyond | Steven Boms

Session: 1:50 PM

Session Description

With the Department of Labor’s fiduciary rule dead, and the Securities and Exchange Commission now leading the charge, 2019 promises to be an impactful year in Washington for financial planners. How will the new, post-2018 midterm elections Congress shape the future of the fiduciary rule—and other key policies—moving forward? What should we expect from the regulatory agencies? Join us as we take a dip into the swamp to hear what Washington has in store for the industry in 2019 and beyond.

Learning Objectives

To gain a better understanding of the political and policy contexts in Washington that will affect the industry and its statutory and regulatory environment moving forward.

Speaker Bio

Steven Boms, Allon Advocacy, LLC

Steve Boms has spent his career focused on complex financial services public policy issues. Steve worked in the United States Congress on the committee with jurisdiction over banking issues in the House of Representatives and has led advocacy efforts and public policy teams globally for equity options exchanges, large US-based financial institutions, and leading fintech firms. In addition to working directly with Allon’s clients, he is a frequent conference panelist and his perspective is regularly solicited by reporters on the technology, financial services, and regulatory beats.