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Are you looking for a Financial Planner? FPA of Puget Sound has compiled a list of our local members who would love to help. Use the search criteria below to find an FPA member near you. 

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  1. If you are looking for someone in particular simply type their name or another identifier in below.
  2. If would like to simply see a full list, you can leave all fields blank and select Search.
  3. If you are looking for a pro-bono planner, you can check the "Available for ProBono Work" box. 

If you are an FPA of Puget Sound Member and you would like to update your profile, more information can be found belowIndividuals listed above are FPA of Puget Sound members who have opted into the directory. If an individual is not listed, it is not necessarily reflective of membership or certification status.

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FPA of Puget Sound Members

PPA of Puget Sound members must opt-in into the directory. You can opt-in and edit your profile at any time. Please note, this profile is separate from your profile with FPA National.

Are you interested in Pro Bono work? Our association is striving to connect interested FPA members with organizations in need of help. If you are interested in pro bono work, please take the time to update your profile and select the "Available for Pro Bono Work" checkbox to be added to our Pro Bono Planner Directory. Once you have opted in for pro bono work, use our Local Planner Search and select "Available for Pro Bono Work".

You must complete a separate profile for a listing at plannersearch.org, as this page is specifically for FPA of Puget Sound.