Sponsorship Opportunities

Partner with FPA of Puget Sound

The Financial Planning Association of Puget Sound would like to invite you to be involved with our organization and our chapter.

Gain exposure with our members from a number of sources. Quarterly educational meetings, Annual Symposium, Social Events, Newsletter, and Website. We can provide an opportunity for any budget and commitment to our chapter.

For more information about FPA’s Sponsorship Opportunities, please download our 2018 Sponsorship Brochure.


Annual Sponsorship Registration


FPA of Puget Sound 2018 Partnership Benefits at a Glance

Benefits Gold Partner

Silver Partner

Quarterly Educational Meetings    
One 15 second presentation at beginning or end of attended meetings Yes Yes
Meeting Registration Passes – meals included Two/mtg
Display/Exhibit Table at meetings and opportunity to distribute marketing materials Yes Yes
Receive one copy of attendees list for each meeting Yes Yes
Firm logo/ad presented on-screen at all meetings and on website Yes Yes
2017 Annual Symposium    
Exhibit Table with Preferred Location Yes No
Event Committee Member Yes No
Marketing & Firm Logo Integrated into the Event and Website Yes No
Receive one copy of Symposium Attendee List Yes No
Two representatives at all Symposium Events Yes No
Membership Correspondence    
Firm’s name/logo and website link on website Yes Yes
One time use of mailing labels Top Placement One Set
Monthly Newsletter — Logo & Link Top Placement 2nd Tier Alpha Ordering
Monthly Newsletter — Advertising One per Year No
Newsletter Education Article (subject to Board Review) One per Year One per Year

Annual Symposium

The FPA of Puget Sound Annual Symposium provides something of value for each company that participates as an exhibitor, sponsor, or advertiser. Whether you are new to this market or are a veteran at financial planning trade shows, your company should participate in this event because it is the only show that is specific to this influential segment of the financial planning profession and it:

  • Offers an excellent opportunity to generate new leads for business expansion
  • Provides a relaxed atmosphere to build relationships
  • Generates opportunities to enhance relationships with existing clients
  • Delivers a quality return on investment based on consistent feedback from previous exhibitors
  • Exposes your products and services to FPA of Puget Sound members who have buying power