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FPA of Puget Sound’s goal is to explore "cutting-edge" practices. Participating in our committees is more than just a volunteer activity, it is an education! In the coming years, we are hoping to operate with fewer face-to-face meetings and we are hoping to embrace technology to help connect local planners and allow for broader participation. If you’re interested in participating on a FPA of Puget Sound committee, please contact us at [email protected].

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Below is our list of committees:

Membership Committee

Membership is the foundation of our Association and the Membership Chair is responsible for keeping the connection between National and our Chapter. Below are other duties of not only the chair but the committee: 
  • Coordinate new member welcome/orientation
  • Organize an annual New Member Reception each spring
  • Encourage member participation within the organization to support member retention
  • Develop, coordinate, and promote FPA membership initiatives within the organization to build the organization.
  • Support other Chapter committees and their initiatives, coordinating efforts as needed.
  • Develop Communities of Interest within the Chapter to support sharing of best practices and networking opportunities.
  • Review and promote member benefits that add value to chapter membership
  • Work with other board members and officers in developing chapter strategies and support current plan of action.
  • Attend board meetings, support the efforts of other board members, and attend chapter meetings and activities.
  • Attend chapter regional conference

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PR/Marketing Committee

The FPA PR/Marketing committee is in charge of promoting the FPA and our chapter to financial planners in the area including those who are already members and those who have not yet joined. There are a number of channels we use in our communication including Linked In, the monthly newsflash that goes out to members, and our chapter website. Serving on this committee you will work with the PR/Marketing Director on the following:

  • Posting upcoming events, interesting articles, important announcements on Linked In
  • Reviewing/revising the monthly newsletter before it goes out
  • Periodically reviewing the FPA of Puget Sound's chapter page for necessary updates
  • Partnering with the Seattle Times in recruiting local planners to help them with their monthly financial plans
  • Work with the admin team to send out additional one-off emails to members around upcoming events.

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Pro Bono Committee

Financial planning is a profession founded on hope and optimism, and the FPA is committed to Changing Tomorrows™ by ensuring that the possibility of a brighter future is readily available to all who need these services but cannot afford or access them. Our pro bono committee connects passionate financial planning practitioners to individuals, families, and communities in need.

  • Volunteering as a financial planning practitioner for our partnering organizations. Each pro-bono consultation will be for a pre-determined duration of service.  
  • Looking for opportunities to partner with non-profit organizations that meet FPA’s mission in helping reach families in need
  • Recruiting additional volunteers to provide pro-bono financial planning services
  • Posting upcoming events, interesting articles, important announcements on LinkedIn

If you are interested in participating in Pro Bono work review our Pro Bono & Community Outreach page.

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Programs Committee

FPA of Puget Sound offers three educational programs a year outside of our yearly Symposium. One program out of the three will be focused on ethics. Generally, our programs take place in May, September, and October of each year and offer 1-2 hours of CFP credit. We also have opportunities for Sponsors to speak if they sign up for an Annual Sponsorship. Serving on this committee you will work with the Programs Director on the following:

  • Set meeting schedule
  • Work with FPA Puget Sound Office to secure the venue (if in-person) or virtual platform, such as Zoom
  • Program theme / topics
  • Recruit speakers (outside of any sponsors)
    • Work with Sponsorship Director to recruit sponsor speakers
  • Speaker / Meeting logistics
    • Day of preferences
    • Script
    • CFP information
  • Day of coordination with the FPA Puget Sound Office
  • Host of meeting: Welcome, introduce speakers
  • Manage CE login sheet

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Sponsorship Committee

More information to come.

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Symposium Committee

FPA of Puget Sound offers one yearly Symposium. Generally, our Symposium takes place in March and offers 6 hours of CFP credit. We also have opportunities for Sponsors to offer speakers if they sign up for a Speaker Sponsorship. Serving on this committee you will work with the Symposium Director on the following:

  • Recruit and lead Symposium Committee
    • Bi-Weekly virtual meetings September-March
  • Generate presentation topics/schedule
  • Recruit speakers
  • Logistics with the FPA Puget Sound Office
    • Venue
    • Speaker contracts
    • CE collection/approval
    • Marketing plan
  • Coordinate with Sponsorship Director and FPA Puget Sound Office to ensure sponsors benefits are fulfilled 
  • Arrange a day of volunteers
    • Room monitors/intros for speakers
    • Schedule

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